Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wal-Mart Insurance a Headach Acer a Migrane

So I purchased a Acer laptop in Feb 16,2013 so that would mean my laptop was still under warranty so I had called Acer as the Walmart insurance suggested I have a 2 yr insurance on my laptop and supposedly Acer warranty. So i called Acer I could not get a live agent but an automated machine because my product was registered which I never did was going to that day and also said my product was out of warranty so how could that be, I tried speaking to a Acer tech and they said they have nothing to do with Acer they are only the tech services and that yes I would only have to deal with an automated machine to send my receipt wow what services is that.So I called Walmart with so much frustration that they had sold me a laptop that was registered and out of warranty that why would I have to go thru all of this if I purchase insurance not to go thru all of this hassle. So they agreed to just repair it thru Wal-mart I explained  what needed to be repair my screen had two lines and wasn't charging properly that I had to move the cable around. they asked me to back up my computer incase if something was wrong with my hard drive they would have to wipe it clean. Well i have never used my cd/dvd burner till the day I had to back up laptop because Acer does not include the Cds with all the back up for your computer you actually have to do it your self if you need to have them do it you have to pay for it. Well that was another issues with my laptop to add which I will never purchase a Acer again just because of their services F+. Well I sent the laptop but forgot the charger so I called the insurance of Wal-mart and explained she said they had chargers their that if there was a problem with the port they can tell with their charger and if it was my charger. Well after waiting 6 business days which wasn't so bad considering that they said 5-10 I was happy my laptop had arrived to my dissapointed that the only issue that was resolved was a missing Key and my screen yes the cable still needs to move around to charge so the tech saids to me to send her my laptop again with the charger to see if its the charger. I was like what wouldn't it be common sense to you guys the techs to realize if it was the port to charge  if you put your own charger and had to move it around or if actually you put your charger and it was charging perfect without moving it around. So I have to go without my laptop again for 5- 10 business days  You can't assure me it could be a shorter period of time since it was negligence of who ever didn't fix the issue and sent back a service report telling me it was fix when it wasn't. She was not all compassionate was like oh well you have to send it back great customers services over there your fault and I have to pay for some incompetence work. I would not recommend Walmart to get your electronics if your going to put insurance because This is my bad experience maybe you have had a successful one but for my first was the worst. There is a saying Cheap comes with a Price and boy am I paying it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Testing Testing !!!!! Influenster #ParadiseVoxBox

So I recieved today my  Infuenster #ParadiseVoxBox and at a great time. "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."Yes indeed I have been testing The Olay Fresh Effects(shine go away) Shine Minimizing Cleaner Today is maybe close to 90 In RI so my face is shiny after a long walk from my mechanics so I had to see how it works yes it does its job no shiny face at all and I have oily skin been always scared to try Olay products because of my oily skin, So I was excited to hear they came up with something for a Shiny face.So feel free to buy if you suffer from a shiny face in the summer.Then the Goody tanglefix great on my lace front boy less of a hassle to detangle my wig I have to say its great.On to Suave Professional Moroccan Infusion oil always wanted to test this on my hair to see if it actually works left my lace front which is human hair fabulous so I'm going to have to purchase some back up Suave Moroccan Infusion oil  because my daughter will be all over it.As for the Nyc New York color Eye Dust Shadow  In smokey Topex is great and for the price is great looks really smokin on the eyes!! Dr Scholl's for her high heals insole I will report on a night of dancing but so far I tried it out and it feels great on my feets especially after a long walk.I could have had some negative review but the honest truth they are worth buying.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Berware of T-mobile and returning a device with insurance

So a few months ago I was having trouble with my HTC sensation the phone was freezing up and I was getting echo's when I was talking on the phone. In no way my phone had physical damage so I sent the device to get a replacement. A month later I get a letter saying my phone had a cracked LCD so I was very upset to get a letter telling me something that was untrue. I called t-mobile to dispute the letter the rep said nothing showed up and then I said I did not want any future charge she said no not to worry. So I get my bill two months later there was the charge and that the charge was Valid how can you prove that you sent a phone with no psychical damage, there is no way of getting a confirmation before sending a phone with a letter of proof ,So something can happen along the way with the phone or something at their warehouse they can say it happened on your end. So what can assure me that this wont happened to me again or another customer. So I suggest you go to a tmobile store and make sure they inspect your phone before you send the phone to T-mobile and make sure they make a notation of it that is what they suggested but still what can they say you cracked your phone along the way to ups so I suggest you get it inspected then in front of them put in the package to be sent back and tell them to make a notation of it that would be my suggestion. I swear sometimes I wish this technology didn't exist in some ways it is a good thing but in some ways they abuse in the cell phone companies by offering you plans and giving you a price and then changing it. Like I had a plan with 1000 mins 3 lines with internet family plan unlimited text and parenting control and insurance on 3 phones I was paying $149. with tax so the  rep offered me for $10 more unlimited for all the lines a promotion  going on so I asked her what would be my estimated charges she said 160 with tax why my bill was $188.That is what I'm talking about false advertisement and a rep explaining other charges that apply. I asked for my previous plan to be restore for an extra $40 I can pay my landline phone for less than that and get unlimited calling with Verizon. I'm all set when the contract ends in Nov cutting all lines and moving forward to another cell phone company with a reputation and forms of verifying when you send a device with no damage your not charged for it.  So beware ask all the questions you can.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Amazon and Free Shipping

So I had made a few purchases with a gift card and two of my purchases I made had said free shipping at first I didn't even calculate that the total was to much for taxes but than I began to question it and did the math their was no way in heck it could be so much taxes so when I got the invoice with the packages behold I was charged for shipping. So I decided to contact Amazon about my order and the free shipping thru the online chat.Her response for one of my orders was thru a third party so I inquired about the order that I did with them she said that I had picked Standard shipping so a shipping fee is applied. Now lets see the other option was express I'm pretty sure that would applied to that. She said no that there is an option for free shipping which is 5-8 days and Standard is 3-5 days I never saw that if you  know me  I'm A Queen of Freebies I would have spotted that option Free shipping. She went on to say sorry for my confusion I didn't want to look rude in our conversation but when it is chatting or texting or even a letter people interpret things differently so I said No I wasn't confuse I clearly didn't see no option of Free shipping but lesson learn I will now make sure I see that option and if I don't see it like I didn't see it when I went to complete my order I will make sure I contact someone at amazon before I do.She did said she would put a request to get my $24.04 shipping fee back on my gift card this one time exception and I would see the status of it within 24 hours. So stay tune around tomorrow at this time I should have the conclusion if it was honored. I just want New Amazon buyers or Buyers that have yet bought anything that has free shipping like I did to be aware for completing your order if you don't see the free shipping option to click call chat online before hand.

Ivory 2 in 1 hair and Body wash

I was invited to campaign with Influenster to try the new Ivory 2 in 1 bodywash and hair at first I was hmmmm I remember Ivory when there was hardly any other soaps to choose from.I wasn't a big fan of Ivory wasn't so exciting or appealing to my skin. Now I can honestly tell you this Ivory Product I would choose comes in the biggest bottle has a great scent and it isn't the Ivory I remember great on the skin and hair though I need some conditioner since I do not have naturally silky hair.I do love it and would purchase it too. So take the Ivory 2 and 1 challenge I did when I received it from influester. Purchase it and bring your review you would be surprise how great this Ivory is.2 in one no need to have two products when it is all in one.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dove body Wash

All I have to say it is worth every penny their commercials aint lying. Your skin doesn't feel like a thick film of soap. Its nice an soft on your skin as if you was rubbing a soft silk scarf on your skin. That is as good as it can be love Dove. They have many scents I love them practically  all. Love the Pomegranate scent

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coupon Pealeas on Products at Store

My thought about  Coupon Pealees on Products they are great if you can ever find them on the actual Product. isnt that call stealing when you take it off a product you did not purchase. I think it is so unfair I go to the store and I see the plastic tape on the product and someone has gone and ripped it off. I love couponing but isn't that unfair to us that coupon that don't go as far as to take a pealee off something that is deserving of the actual person that is going to purchase the product. Maybe its me I could never take what is not mine I have a conscious. For the ones that do don't have one are theif sorry if it offends you but your a thief your stealing $2.00 $1.50 off a product its like actually walking out the store with the product. Very unfair. Don't tell me to do the same cause that just ain't right.One day peealing shoplifting will catch up to you the peale was not in a machine that you can take for free was stuck on a product.. But don't worry one day on one of your transaction it will catch up you just might loose more than what you steal and for those that don't steal pealees may sales and great deal come to you in multiple blessing those that steal from others boomerang has a way of coming back to bite their Ass!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review on one paticular Shell Gas Station in RI

So today my mom goes to the Thurber Ave Gas Station on 1025 Eddy St  Providence, RI to put some gas when she was finish her car would not start my mom is a senior not one person offered to give her battery a jump so she calls me.So my brother comes along to help with the situation we try to jump her car it wouldn't start. So my brother pushed her mini van where cars park to go in the shell gas station store.I tell my mom I'm going to put gas tell them you will be right back so they wont think your just leaving the van there.My brother is very courteous with people but also doesn't have patience for ignorance.He goes inside to tell the cashier she talks to my brother with this attitude "OH she cannot leave her mini van there, he goes to her she is only going home to get some jumping cables he goes well she has to sign some papers my brother said NO all she is going up the street to get some cable why does she need to sign papers for what,? Than she goes well she can only be there for 30 mins mind you there are cars of people sitting there for long periods of time waiting for other people there why she doesn't say nothing to them. This lady got stuck putting gas in your Shell. She is a frequent customer and this is how you talk to her she needs gas she can go somewhere else you need her to go get gas so they can give you that pay check.So what is wrong with that scenario, Oh when we come back she is chit chatting with some lady the lady turns on a cigarette outside and goes and puts gas Hello!!! Thats who you suppose to say hey you can't turn that on in this area.  All I'm saying I know the gas station is not in the best neighborhood but also there are many professional buildings around that area like hospitals schools and private offices that probably go to get gas there not everyone could be in your level.I will never go there to pump there gas, if I was stuck and that was the closest gas station I rather have triple A bring it to me than to go there ever.Bad Customer service I know its not an actual Shell gas because they are all franchise but Shell Corp you should give your franchise owners trainings so they can better teach there employees they give Shell a bad name.I did call the Corp all he said he would contact the store owner to check out  this incident and if the owner would like to contact me would there be a problem.I said Not at all but I wont be visiting personally any Shell Gas station anytime soon.So basically the Corp no help at all with complains.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Luv trying new things

Now that I have become a true couponer I  am trying different products out I never tried the Dove body washes and they are really nice they have great aromas to pick from and it is so soft on the skin. finally I can buy lots of Make up it was hard to add make up in my budget with three kids so now that I have found this new world of coupons I am able to get for free or for as little close to nothing.So I will be reviewing makeup I buy along the way.So it doesn't stop there I'm trying stuff for the home as well different laundry detergents cleaning products too. Now if Only I can try Wigs to review you know how many wigs Ive bought and the quality is treacherous looks nice in the beginning than a hot mess.I have really  nice hair its just its time consuming and in the summer it frizzes up immediately I step out the door .So wigs for me are fabulous especially lace front wigs.On entertainment shows I love the Steve Harvey show with so many talk shows out there some really put me to sleep but Steve Harvey's show keeps me entertained and informs me where its at and never knew how wise in relationship he is.He is truthful never bites his tongue The show is on Fox check your local listing this is a show worth DVR or Tivo if your at work.

Friday, February 22, 2013

#IGOT It FREE Garnier Oila Bzz Agent

                I Got It FREE Garnier Oila  being a BZZ AGENT   I love how the Hair color leaves the hair shinny and soft sorry I didn't get a better pic my phone was dying on me so no flash. My daughter wanted to dye her hair Black this was the best product because it contains oil it doesn't make your hair feel heavy its light as a feather and soft as a feather. Garnier struck gold on this one this hair color is fantablous.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups: Thx Campbells® #SlowKettle 4 the free soup and cool stuff! Get a $1 off #SlowDownAndSavor *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Love this show since I love to cook, I love its a blind taste so no picking a cook just because he looks professional or if he is a real life Chef. Love its by the taste. Just because one plate is maybe your fort-ay don't think you will make it, you have to prove from your taste of cooking you are a great chef. Love that famous chef gets to mentor each contestants. Just love the show absolutely. so stay tune to watch this show.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Glade Expression mist and oil diffusion

I tried a different scent so I have a better review the glade expression pineapple mangosteen feels like your in Paradise I don't know if it's just that I love Mangos and my parents were born in the carribean, I just love it it's amazing. <img src="" alt=""/>

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Campbell's new Skillet Sauce

I usually cook everything from scratch but lately I wanna be like Sandra Lee half homemade and store bought.Well I had a coupon for 75cents doubles in the super market so I got a good deal.I picked the Scamp Campbell skillet sauce it is garlic and wine and less calories and fat pretty gold right.I just wasn't feeling the taste didn't taste like I imagine so I had to add some stuff to give it some.taste very convenient the little pouch but my taste bud wasn't feeling the taste of some not so good salad dressing with a little after taste kf some so call garlic or imitation of garlic.

My First Bzzagent Campaign Glade Expressions

So I got a coupon book in the mail with a free Glade Expression starter kit and oil diffusion from Bzzagent.I decided to go to my local Rite Aide Pharmacy the only scent they had for the spray was Cotton & Italian Mandarín.My sister asked me to get hers with her $2.00 coupon Rite aide had $3 reward if you purchase two.So It was a good deal.So it was like my sis got hers for free like me "Yeah".Well I began to spray my house in this Charlie Angels pose not a good combination Glade Cotten and Italian Mandarín sounds good but doesn't smell so sweet.I wish my Rite Aide had a better choice to pick from they didn't even have the oil diffusion.Well I'm gonna have to purchase another scent I'll let you know how that works out positive thing about the spray much better to spray its just squeezing boy I love squeezing and has a nice packaging looks good in the bathroom bedroom or living room. Well that was my review on Glade Expression Starter kit stay tune for the next scent and the oil diffusion by Glade your Bzzagent

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first freebie video

So I finally got some freebies in the mail not allot for a 2 wk but I have to be patient I just started to sign up very excited with BzzAgent got my first campaign was Glade expressions as soon as I go get them I will give my review. I did a video on you tube I will put the link so you can.check it put.Have become addicted to the signing up for freebies.It's great you try the the stuff before you go buy it instead of buying the product is not.good.I don't discourage anyone to the product I do dislike because everyone has their own taste.bud and.sense of smell or whatever the case it may be but I'd you have my similar taste and smell than stay away. Here is the link

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Update on Garnier Surf Paste

So I contact them on Facebook and they replied on the post I put in their page no it is not discontinue well those maybe in a couple of weeks they are releasing a better and bolder Surf. Can't wait I hope I have coupons so I can purchase one and try it out and let you guys know if it is better or bolder.

Garnier Surf Paste discontinue What!!!

So I'm a big fan of Garnier products one of my favorites the Surf paste the little jar with the yellow cover.In the summer when I wet my hair love to scrunch it up with the surf paste I get this runway model look in the summer.I go with my mom to stop & shop it was on sale 2.14 I'm like what a deal two bad news there was no more and a little red sign "Discontinue!" Yes with an exclamation point should have taken a photo was so sadden. what will be of my hair now without surf paste.My mom and I went in search to find it to buy as many that would survive in the summer but none to be found, some people or one had the same idea.I hope Garnier comes out with something as great as the paste or I'm in a hunt to find its replacement.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pringles chips and these new flavors

So Pringles has come a long way from just original Pringles they are getting they're competition on and trying to get new consumers to buy Pringles. I'm a fan to new flavorss and Pringles are not greasy at all.So for Christmas they came up with holiday flavors didn't call my attention so I didn't try it maybe if someone would have bought them maybe yes.Now they're spicy lime those break out a fiesta flavor party in mouth wepa now those are some slamming Pringles too bad they are limited time only so I had to go back with a coupon and buy as many as my pocket could afford.So if they are in any supermarket Walmart target or where ever go buy them and start a fiesta in your mouth let me know how they taste. all I needed was a nice margarita but I still can do. well thanks for reading Que Que What yeah that's what I say when something is good.