Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Experience with Kali Beauty thru Amazon

So I must say they ship very fast no doubt about that they get an A absolutely problem was  that they mailed it to an undeliverable address I can tell you I never went thru so much calling the post office that I got attitude from it saying it wasn't their fault so I called kali Beauty and spoke with a man in the shipping dept which I will disclose his name. He was very nice help and even read back the mailing address and said it eas actually the postal service fault and he would mail me the a copy of the label which had my correct address and Zip code. That since it was the last item in stock he couldn't send me another one which was a lace front wig a Vivica fox p4/27/30 and that the company that makes them was back ordered on them. That when he received the package back he would resend it to me thru another carrier as soon as possible. Well i decided to call Us postal consumer her in RI and she was our mistake wait a min I'm looking at the label right now ask me if I had a email address I gave it to her she said i am going to email it to you stay on the phone and wait for it to come and verify you got it and saw it. I was still waiting on kali beauty's response with their proof of label which i got USPS copy of the label first. let me tell you it had the wrong address completely nothing like I have on amazon he try to say it was the email that amazon has which his version on the shipping label was incorrect. When he was caught in his lie caught an attitude seriously a nasty attitude. I was wait a min you don't need to get hostile with me he goes i said if it is our mistake i said i will resend it that is all I can do I said I just want to know why you was livid saying it was the postal services fault that you was going to send me your copy that has the right address. He couldn't even answer had a tone of voice like he wanted to come from the other line and strangle me. I said there is no need to be upset I am just calling you as a consumer my first time purchasing from you guys I have never had a problem with stuff being shipped thru amazon so its hard to believe amazon generated that address no one verified and look to see if the address match because you clearly just read back to me the correct address so you could have double checked it. He was like I am not going to tell you how I run my business and how mistakes are done.Real nice customers services You made the mistake and you have an attitude because as a customer I caught you in a lie how is it you gonna have a trustful company if your going to be misleading having an attitude with a customer that is telling you what you did wrong so this wont happen again to another customer.That was exactly what I told him. honestly I will never purchase anything from them again i can't deal with a company that is dishonest when you call with an inquiry that they made a mistake with my order imagine if they sent the wrong item. Will keep you updated