Monday, June 3, 2013

Berware of T-mobile and returning a device with insurance

So a few months ago I was having trouble with my HTC sensation the phone was freezing up and I was getting echo's when I was talking on the phone. In no way my phone had physical damage so I sent the device to get a replacement. A month later I get a letter saying my phone had a cracked LCD so I was very upset to get a letter telling me something that was untrue. I called t-mobile to dispute the letter the rep said nothing showed up and then I said I did not want any future charge she said no not to worry. So I get my bill two months later there was the charge and that the charge was Valid how can you prove that you sent a phone with no psychical damage, there is no way of getting a confirmation before sending a phone with a letter of proof ,So something can happen along the way with the phone or something at their warehouse they can say it happened on your end. So what can assure me that this wont happened to me again or another customer. So I suggest you go to a tmobile store and make sure they inspect your phone before you send the phone to T-mobile and make sure they make a notation of it that is what they suggested but still what can they say you cracked your phone along the way to ups so I suggest you get it inspected then in front of them put in the package to be sent back and tell them to make a notation of it that would be my suggestion. I swear sometimes I wish this technology didn't exist in some ways it is a good thing but in some ways they abuse in the cell phone companies by offering you plans and giving you a price and then changing it. Like I had a plan with 1000 mins 3 lines with internet family plan unlimited text and parenting control and insurance on 3 phones I was paying $149. with tax so the  rep offered me for $10 more unlimited for all the lines a promotion  going on so I asked her what would be my estimated charges she said 160 with tax why my bill was $188.That is what I'm talking about false advertisement and a rep explaining other charges that apply. I asked for my previous plan to be restore for an extra $40 I can pay my landline phone for less than that and get unlimited calling with Verizon. I'm all set when the contract ends in Nov cutting all lines and moving forward to another cell phone company with a reputation and forms of verifying when you send a device with no damage your not charged for it.  So beware ask all the questions you can.