Sunday, January 27, 2013

My First Bzzagent Campaign Glade Expressions

So I got a coupon book in the mail with a free Glade Expression starter kit and oil diffusion from Bzzagent.I decided to go to my local Rite Aide Pharmacy the only scent they had for the spray was Cotton & Italian Mandarín.My sister asked me to get hers with her $2.00 coupon Rite aide had $3 reward if you purchase two.So It was a good deal.So it was like my sis got hers for free like me "Yeah".Well I began to spray my house in this Charlie Angels pose not a good combination Glade Cotten and Italian Mandarín sounds good but doesn't smell so sweet.I wish my Rite Aide had a better choice to pick from they didn't even have the oil diffusion.Well I'm gonna have to purchase another scent I'll let you know how that works out positive thing about the spray much better to spray its just squeezing boy I love squeezing and has a nice packaging looks good in the bathroom bedroom or living room. Well that was my review on Glade Expression Starter kit stay tune for the next scent and the oil diffusion by Glade your Bzzagent