Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review on one paticular Shell Gas Station in RI

So today my mom goes to the Thurber Ave Gas Station on 1025 Eddy St  Providence, RI to put some gas when she was finish her car would not start my mom is a senior not one person offered to give her battery a jump so she calls me.So my brother comes along to help with the situation we try to jump her car it wouldn't start. So my brother pushed her mini van where cars park to go in the shell gas station store.I tell my mom I'm going to put gas tell them you will be right back so they wont think your just leaving the van there.My brother is very courteous with people but also doesn't have patience for ignorance.He goes inside to tell the cashier she talks to my brother with this attitude "OH she cannot leave her mini van there, he goes to her she is only going home to get some jumping cables he goes well she has to sign some papers my brother said NO all she is going up the street to get some cable why does she need to sign papers for what,? Than she goes well she can only be there for 30 mins mind you there are cars of people sitting there for long periods of time waiting for other people there why she doesn't say nothing to them. This lady got stuck putting gas in your Shell. She is a frequent customer and this is how you talk to her she needs gas she can go somewhere else you need her to go get gas so they can give you that pay check.So what is wrong with that scenario, Oh when we come back she is chit chatting with some lady the lady turns on a cigarette outside and goes and puts gas Hello!!! Thats who you suppose to say hey you can't turn that on in this area.  All I'm saying I know the gas station is not in the best neighborhood but also there are many professional buildings around that area like hospitals schools and private offices that probably go to get gas there not everyone could be in your level.I will never go there to pump there gas, if I was stuck and that was the closest gas station I rather have triple A bring it to me than to go there ever.Bad Customer service I know its not an actual Shell gas because they are all franchise but Shell Corp you should give your franchise owners trainings so they can better teach there employees they give Shell a bad name.I did call the Corp all he said he would contact the store owner to check out  this incident and if the owner would like to contact me would there be a problem.I said Not at all but I wont be visiting personally any Shell Gas station anytime soon.So basically the Corp no help at all with complains.