Monday, February 25, 2013

Luv trying new things

Now that I have become a true couponer I  am trying different products out I never tried the Dove body washes and they are really nice they have great aromas to pick from and it is so soft on the skin. finally I can buy lots of Make up it was hard to add make up in my budget with three kids so now that I have found this new world of coupons I am able to get for free or for as little close to nothing.So I will be reviewing makeup I buy along the way.So it doesn't stop there I'm trying stuff for the home as well different laundry detergents cleaning products too. Now if Only I can try Wigs to review you know how many wigs Ive bought and the quality is treacherous looks nice in the beginning than a hot mess.I have really  nice hair its just its time consuming and in the summer it frizzes up immediately I step out the door .So wigs for me are fabulous especially lace front wigs.On entertainment shows I love the Steve Harvey show with so many talk shows out there some really put me to sleep but Steve Harvey's show keeps me entertained and informs me where its at and never knew how wise in relationship he is.He is truthful never bites his tongue The show is on Fox check your local listing this is a show worth DVR or Tivo if your at work.