Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wal-Mart Insurance a Headach Acer a Migrane

So I purchased a Acer laptop in Feb 16,2013 so that would mean my laptop was still under warranty so I had called Acer as the Walmart insurance suggested I have a 2 yr insurance on my laptop and supposedly Acer warranty. So i called Acer I could not get a live agent but an automated machine because my product was registered which I never did was going to that day and also said my product was out of warranty so how could that be, I tried speaking to a Acer tech and they said they have nothing to do with Acer they are only the tech services and that yes I would only have to deal with an automated machine to send my receipt wow what services is that.So I called Walmart with so much frustration that they had sold me a laptop that was registered and out of warranty that why would I have to go thru all of this if I purchase insurance not to go thru all of this hassle. So they agreed to just repair it thru Wal-mart I explained  what needed to be repair my screen had two lines and wasn't charging properly that I had to move the cable around. they asked me to back up my computer incase if something was wrong with my hard drive they would have to wipe it clean. Well i have never used my cd/dvd burner till the day I had to back up laptop because Acer does not include the Cds with all the back up for your computer you actually have to do it your self if you need to have them do it you have to pay for it. Well that was another issues with my laptop to add which I will never purchase a Acer again just because of their services F+. Well I sent the laptop but forgot the charger so I called the insurance of Wal-mart and explained she said they had chargers their that if there was a problem with the port they can tell with their charger and if it was my charger. Well after waiting 6 business days which wasn't so bad considering that they said 5-10 I was happy my laptop had arrived to my dissapointed that the only issue that was resolved was a missing Key and my screen yes the cable still needs to move around to charge so the tech saids to me to send her my laptop again with the charger to see if its the charger. I was like what wouldn't it be common sense to you guys the techs to realize if it was the port to charge  if you put your own charger and had to move it around or if actually you put your charger and it was charging perfect without moving it around. So I have to go without my laptop again for 5- 10 business days  You can't assure me it could be a shorter period of time since it was negligence of who ever didn't fix the issue and sent back a service report telling me it was fix when it wasn't. She was not all compassionate was like oh well you have to send it back great customers services over there your fault and I have to pay for some incompetence work. I would not recommend Walmart to get your electronics if your going to put insurance because This is my bad experience maybe you have had a successful one but for my first was the worst. There is a saying Cheap comes with a Price and boy am I paying it.