Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monave Cosmetic Makeup Like I always wanted

I have never been a makeup fanatic, for the simple reason I have been scared of breakouts and my skin being damaged when I was a teen. I rarely wear make up only on special occasions but i usually have this issue I break out or I don't like the feeling of how it feels so heavy on my skin. Well I finally tried a makeup that is gluten free and vegan an organic makeup Yes Organic!!!! I picked out some dark colors for my eyes because I wanted to do that dark smokey look so I picked an eggplant color a light one and a darker one and I also picked a black eye liner which you have to use your brush or purchase one from them. I also Picked a nice mineral blush color #40 was like a peach color and Omg a mineral powder that has to be my highlight I am so in love I have never found a powder for my face that has looked so natural that does not feel heavy on my face like this one and fit the right color on my skin it color Caroline beautiful it was in the medium colors I Love it the bronzer forget it absolutely amazing. They have the best lipgloss and lipsticks I have lipgloss #151 feels really nice on my lips making them feel nice and soft not sticky like some lip gloss another thumbs up.I really recommend this make up made my face look flawless I always have to use filters on my pics not anymore with this makeup now I have to try their foundation. For more information on how to purchase their cosmetics check out their website at www.monave.com believe me you wont be disappointed.