Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Glade Expression mist and oil diffusion

I tried a different scent so I have a better review the glade expression pineapple mangosteen feels like your in Paradise I don't know if it's just that I love Mangos and my parents were born in the carribean, I just love it it's amazing. <img src="" alt=""/>

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Campbell's new Skillet Sauce

I usually cook everything from scratch but lately I wanna be like Sandra Lee half homemade and store bought.Well I had a coupon for 75cents doubles in the super market so I got a good deal.I picked the Scamp Campbell skillet sauce it is garlic and wine and less calories and fat pretty gold right.I just wasn't feeling the taste didn't taste like I imagine so I had to add some stuff to give it some.taste very convenient the little pouch but my taste bud wasn't feeling the taste of some not so good salad dressing with a little after taste kf some so call garlic or imitation of garlic.

My First Bzzagent Campaign Glade Expressions

So I got a coupon book in the mail with a free Glade Expression starter kit and oil diffusion from Bzzagent.I decided to go to my local Rite Aide Pharmacy the only scent they had for the spray was Cotton & Italian Mandarín.My sister asked me to get hers with her $2.00 coupon Rite aide had $3 reward if you purchase two.So It was a good deal.So it was like my sis got hers for free like me "Yeah".Well I began to spray my house in this Charlie Angels pose not a good combination Glade Cotten and Italian Mandarín sounds good but doesn't smell so sweet.I wish my Rite Aide had a better choice to pick from they didn't even have the oil diffusion.Well I'm gonna have to purchase another scent I'll let you know how that works out positive thing about the spray much better to spray its just squeezing boy I love squeezing and has a nice packaging looks good in the bathroom bedroom or living room. Well that was my review on Glade Expression Starter kit stay tune for the next scent and the oil diffusion by Glade your Bzzagent

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first freebie video

So I finally got some freebies in the mail not allot for a 2 wk but I have to be patient I just started to sign up very excited with BzzAgent got my first campaign was Glade expressions as soon as I go get them I will give my review. I did a video on you tube I will put the link so you can.check it put.Have become addicted to the signing up for freebies.It's great you try the the stuff before you go buy it instead of buying the product is not.good.I don't discourage anyone to the product I do dislike because everyone has their own taste.bud and.sense of smell or whatever the case it may be but I'd you have my similar taste and smell than stay away. Here is the link

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Update on Garnier Surf Paste

So I contact them on Facebook and they replied on the post I put in their page no it is not discontinue well those maybe in a couple of weeks they are releasing a better and bolder Surf. Can't wait I hope I have coupons so I can purchase one and try it out and let you guys know if it is better or bolder.

Garnier Surf Paste discontinue What!!!

So I'm a big fan of Garnier products one of my favorites the Surf paste the little jar with the yellow cover.In the summer when I wet my hair love to scrunch it up with the surf paste I get this runway model look in the summer.I go with my mom to stop & shop it was on sale 2.14 I'm like what a deal two bad news there was no more and a little red sign "Discontinue!" Yes with an exclamation point should have taken a photo was so sadden. what will be of my hair now without surf paste.My mom and I went in search to find it to buy as many that would survive in the summer but none to be found, some people or one had the same idea.I hope Garnier comes out with something as great as the paste or I'm in a hunt to find its replacement.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pringles chips and these new flavors

So Pringles has come a long way from just original Pringles they are getting they're competition on and trying to get new consumers to buy Pringles. I'm a fan to new flavorss and Pringles are not greasy at all.So for Christmas they came up with holiday flavors didn't call my attention so I didn't try it maybe if someone would have bought them maybe yes.Now they're spicy lime those break out a fiesta flavor party in mouth wepa now those are some slamming Pringles too bad they are limited time only so I had to go back with a coupon and buy as many as my pocket could afford.So if they are in any supermarket Walmart target or where ever go buy them and start a fiesta in your mouth let me know how they taste. all I needed was a nice margarita but I still can do. well thanks for reading Que Que What yeah that's what I say when something is good.