Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall TV is back

                                                             FALL TV

Fall TV is back and it's not disappointing the new shows that many of the networks have brought us and the shows that were on break during the summer. The voice on ABC has some amazing new talent that the judges are just fighting to get their coaching knowledge on and the fans at home with a great Voice app can now interact with the show which is awesome also their is a bonus a sweepstakes for a Nissan Car so allot of great perks with the Voice this season. Dancing with the Stars I haven't really been watching I have caught a few online and Tamar has been one that want s to take that Mirror ball home so I have to watch the show to give my honest inputs on the show, but this year I guess not to many celebrities caught my eye to watch it this season and I love Glen so him not being on really just didn't call me in this season. Now Quatico I saw that last night oh was that show good had me off my seat the whole show hope it keeps with the suspense really love the show and the actress is a bad ass.Empire left us allot to think about last week and its a bits of pieces to open many story-lines thru the seasons one thing for sure Cookie has her hands full but Lucious don't think she won't come back fighting. Cookie is hilarious and boy I was waiting on her to slip on that leather outfit or leopard outfit after she done pimped out Boo Boo Kity. Jamal that is your mama she was the first one who believed in you how you gonna do her like that smh. Scandal yes they left us in a Scandal the bag is out President booty call security was compromise how its on the networks who leaked it out who is the hater!! Who did Olivia wrong!! Hope it wasn't Red because that friendship will never be the same.How to get away with Murder ohhh boy how many people they are killing off and who is getting off with what and who is the monster for real. This week she is in a poodle of blood and it was someone she knew what a shame you can't trust nobody these day. Well I can go on with more Fall Tv I would be here for ever but this season is very hopeful oh I'm not leaving Out Once upon a time and Marvel agent ohhhh those were good this week as well