Monday, December 29, 2014

Celestial Candy Lane Tea tasting tea

Celestial Candy lane tea is one of the oldest tea brand I can remember my mom drinking and me sipping on her tea. Candy lane is one of my favorite its like having a candy cane melt right in your mouth and sooth your senses. The tea has an absolute aroma if you have a cold this tea wakens up all your congested issues that is how good that peppermint works and all that Green tea that is great for you.I just boil me some water either in a small pot or in the microwave and throw in the tea bag with some sugar of my choice.The tea is a holiday favorite because of the Candy Cane its my favorite all year round.This tea works wonders when your sick like today I have caught my daughters cold. This tea soothes a cold and in someway neutralizes it.The little Packet I received had two tea bags inside the bags do not bring strings like some teas out there that you can dip and go it stays in that cup of tea.I love this tea you can hardly taste the green tea that is how powerful Celestial Candy lane tea is.I would recommend you buy this tea it taste good and its from a Brand that has been strong in existence for a reason Good tea I tell you my favorite. I received this tea in my Influenster #FrostyVox Blog to taste and give my unbiased review as a influester which I have.