Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coupon Pealeas on Products at Store

My thought about  Coupon Pealees on Products they are great if you can ever find them on the actual Product. isnt that call stealing when you take it off a product you did not purchase. I think it is so unfair I go to the store and I see the plastic tape on the product and someone has gone and ripped it off. I love couponing but isn't that unfair to us that coupon that don't go as far as to take a pealee off something that is deserving of the actual person that is going to purchase the product. Maybe its me I could never take what is not mine I have a conscious. For the ones that do don't have one are theif sorry if it offends you but your a thief your stealing $2.00 $1.50 off a product its like actually walking out the store with the product. Very unfair. Don't tell me to do the same cause that just ain't right.One day peealing shoplifting will catch up to you the peale was not in a machine that you can take for free was stuck on a product.. But don't worry one day on one of your transaction it will catch up you just might loose more than what you steal and for those that don't steal pealees may sales and great deal come to you in multiple blessing those that steal from others boomerang has a way of coming back to bite their Ass!!!!!