Thursday, May 16, 2013

Amazon and Free Shipping

So I had made a few purchases with a gift card and two of my purchases I made had said free shipping at first I didn't even calculate that the total was to much for taxes but than I began to question it and did the math their was no way in heck it could be so much taxes so when I got the invoice with the packages behold I was charged for shipping. So I decided to contact Amazon about my order and the free shipping thru the online chat.Her response for one of my orders was thru a third party so I inquired about the order that I did with them she said that I had picked Standard shipping so a shipping fee is applied. Now lets see the other option was express I'm pretty sure that would applied to that. She said no that there is an option for free shipping which is 5-8 days and Standard is 3-5 days I never saw that if you  know me  I'm A Queen of Freebies I would have spotted that option Free shipping. She went on to say sorry for my confusion I didn't want to look rude in our conversation but when it is chatting or texting or even a letter people interpret things differently so I said No I wasn't confuse I clearly didn't see no option of Free shipping but lesson learn I will now make sure I see that option and if I don't see it like I didn't see it when I went to complete my order I will make sure I contact someone at amazon before I do.She did said she would put a request to get my $24.04 shipping fee back on my gift card this one time exception and I would see the status of it within 24 hours. So stay tune around tomorrow at this time I should have the conclusion if it was honored. I just want New Amazon buyers or Buyers that have yet bought anything that has free shipping like I did to be aware for completing your order if you don't see the free shipping option to click call chat online before hand.

Ivory 2 in 1 hair and Body wash

I was invited to campaign with Influenster to try the new Ivory 2 in 1 bodywash and hair at first I was hmmmm I remember Ivory when there was hardly any other soaps to choose from.I wasn't a big fan of Ivory wasn't so exciting or appealing to my skin. Now I can honestly tell you this Ivory Product I would choose comes in the biggest bottle has a great scent and it isn't the Ivory I remember great on the skin and hair though I need some conditioner since I do not have naturally silky hair.I do love it and would purchase it too. So take the Ivory 2 and 1 challenge I did when I received it from influester. Purchase it and bring your review you would be surprise how great this Ivory is.2 in one no need to have two products when it is all in one.